Which Dress Shirts To Buy

Dress shirts are among the most vital styles in a man’s wardrobe. The shirts are versatile and can be worn as casual or formal business attire. However, most men have dress shirts that do not work with the rest of the wardrobe. Personally, I have had hundreds of dress shirts for men and I have learned a few things about classic and trendy styles.

Dress shirts are often overlooked by most men in favor of suits and shoes, despite being the foundation of a man’s wardrobe. Once you get your first dress shirt wrong, it’s close to impossible to match it with other clothes.

However, with the tailored dress shirts highlighted in this article, you qualify to join other classic men’s styles. When looking for the best dress shirts for men, consider the shirt’s fabric, color, and details. If you are looking for shirts for men near me, below is a list of the best dress shirts available on the market.

Nordstrom Smartcare Pinpoint

It is stylish yet one of the most comfortable dress shirts for men. The shirt is of high quality and machine washable. However, when washing with a machine, ensure to tumble dry on low and hang it after laundering.

The dress shirt is available in various colors to suit different options. Among the colors is the standard shade blue and light blue, which one can wear during warm seasons. The single button cuff and button-down rounded collar make the shirt is suitable for most preferences.

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Fancy weave white dress shirt

The shirt is available in both French cuffs and double cuffs. The fancy weave white dress shirt has a subtle waffle pattern that makes it different from the plain weave. That means that when looking at the shirt from a few feet away, it looks like a solid shirt, but when close and the light shines in a particular direction, you can note a certain pattern. It is good to have different shirt varieties in your wardrobe. Therefore, if you already have a French placket shirt for men, get a shirt placket too.

The fancy weave white dress shirt creates a symmetrical look when worn with a bow tie. Wearing the shirt with a necktie does not matter since its placket is covered. For the color, get a classic medium spread since it suits everyone. The collar works with bow ties, an open collar, and tie knots.


Solid white plain weave dress shirt

Go for a men’s shirt with barrel cuffs and a medium spread collar. You can wear the shirt in both less and more formal settings. You can also pair the shirt with denim, jeans, or a formal business suit. A shirt with a medium weight fabric is the best since it is all-year-round attire. If you prefer slim shirts, you can wear them during the summer. You can only wear a thick shirt during cold months. When starting out, it’s advisable to get a shirt that is versatile.

Personally, I like cufflinks, meaning I would need a French cuff or a double cuff for that. However, if it is your first shirt, do not go for those since the cuffs are an additional expense.

Get a French-style shirt for a traditional placket since it does not have an additional fabric. It is essential to note that a shirt’s pocket is not meant for use. Therefore, you can skip the pocket if you like it plain.

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Brooks brothers Madison dress shirts

If you are looking to elevate your looks, try the Brooks Brothers dress shirt for men. The shirt is best for formal occasions and you can never go wrong with it. It is available in various colors, making it easy to find a color that can complement your outfit.

Manufacturers of the Brooks Brothers produce the shirt in a wide range of cuts including:

  • Madison (classic)
  • Regent (fitted)
  • Milano (slim)
  • Soho (extra slim)

The shirt is also available in neck size and sleeve length. The neck size is available in 14.5 to 20. One can have three letters monogrammed for a special touch in various styles as well as placements such as the wrist, forearm, and above the pocket.

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Ralph Lauren Dress shirt

It is one of the best slim fit dress shirts that can flatter your body well. Manufacturers use mercerized cotton to make this wrinkle-free shirt for men who are looking for minimal maintenance attires. It is available in different colors, including pink, blue, and white with white stitching. The shirt is available in different sizes from 14.5 to 18.5. However, the shirt is not available in all sizes for all colors.

One can monogram the shirt, but the monograms are limited to the left cuff. You can choose from 10 various styles of embroidery and a wide range of color choices. It is essential to note that this dress shirt for men is slimmer at the waist, with 5.25 inches compared to the brand’s standard fit. If you are looking for the best slim shirt, the Ralph Lauren dress shirt can meet your needs.

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The Noir with Swarovski

The list of the best dress shirts to have in your wardrobe is not complete without the Noir with Swarovski. It is the most recommended dress shirt for men and one of the best ones available on the market. Manufacturers of this shirt use high-quality lightweight material that cannot stretch. Sourced from premium Noir Egyptian cotton, the Noir Egyptian Cotton Shirt with Swarovski Crystal is ultra-soft, smooth in its construction, and stretch-free. Its double button cuff helps in enhancing the intuitive fit of the shirt. 

Its white, double infused collar represents contrast, and the whipped mother of pearl buttons and Swarovski crystal represent attention to detail and refined nature. It is the best dress shirt for men available on the market.

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