As a man, your closet is never complete without several formal or dress shirts for an immaculate look, even if you won’t wear such shirts every day. The charm of formal shirts makes them a perfect fit for official settings, formal occasions, and even casual parties.

Such shirts come in a wide variety of weaves, patterns, and colors. With the different options available in the market, zeroing in on the right selections can seem quite challenging. Wondering which brand is best for formal shirts? Not to worry, we have made it easier for you by discussing the best brands to consider if you want to up your shirt game.

1. Tom Ford

This brand ( is the ultimate definition of excellence and attention to detail in the world of fashion designing. As a brand owned by Tom Ford, who is a legendary American Fashion designer, you can expect to get the best bang for the buck. This brand is a go-to brand if you are looking for a good and stylish ready-to-wear shirt. 

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2. Turnbull & Asser

As the brand that invented the famous cocktail cuff in addition to having a royal warrant, you will get nothing but the best if you use your money to get shirts from this brand. Besides, this is the brand to buy if you want to look like Bond in a Tuxedo. Turnbull & Asser ( is one of the leading shirting labels worldwide and has been honing its craft for approximately 150 years. 

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3. Charvet

One thing that you may not have known is that the dress shirt has an interesting history and heritage tied to it. Charvet ( is a huge part of the story, being the first shirt brand in the world after opening its doors in 1838. Since then, this brand has been making some of the best button-ups that you could ever buy. With a global reputation for excellent craftsmanship, it’s easy to understand why the shirts are a preference for everyone from royalty to world leaders.

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4. Thom Browne

For the formal shirt fan who believes that their formal wear should be a little bit more interesting, Thom Browne ( is the designer to pick. There are lots of interesting styles and designs to pick from when you choose this brand. From embroider and graphic printing to unusual cut and construction, you are sure to achieve a style that is not only subtle but also makes a statement. 

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5. Smyth and Gibson

This brand ( was established ( by Richard Gibson in 1990 and has since continued to contribute to the tradition of skilled shirt making. Each of the shirts is hand-cut by stitchers, who have an unbeatable skill of sewing with single French needle seaming. Such skills and methods, allow for matching of stripes and checks at the collar points, sleeve head, placket, gauntlet, and yoke. 

6. Van Heusen

This brand ( features shirts designs that range from pastel shades to the more vibrant ones. You have the choice to pick anything from checkered to classic white shirts, for an enviable look. These shirts will complement your suit in a perfect manner giving you a classy appearance while in the crowd. The brand uses a spread collar style and a perfect fit for an amazing appearance regardless of where and when you wear your piece. 

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7. Lorenzini

This brand ( is by Lorenzini, a northern Italian shirtmaker who is recognized for his creativity and skills when it comes to designing the best dress shirts from around his area. One amazing fact is that a custom Lorenzini men’s shirt takes more than 80 minutes to make, requiring over 50 steps to completion, a craft that has been perfected by manufacturers since the 1900s. A single shirt has 25 pieces that have been stitched together to create a high-quality end product.

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8. Finamore

As a brand ( that makes use of some of the sartorial methods that were used as far as 100 years ago, you get a unique shirt that is the product of blending the modern with the traditional. This brand applies a unique method to make dress shirts using premium materials without having to use machinery. 

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Get a shirt that will bring the best out of you

With the different brands discussed above, you might be wondering whether the shirts that we design are as good at making a statement. Well, the direct answer to that is Yes! Our brand, The Noir, is a premium quality brand, that is focused on creating exquisite shirts for the everyday sophisticated gentleman. 

Our products are perfect for the gentleman who is powerful, charming, refined, educated, enterprising, confident, and self-made. In simple terms, we make shirts that are worn by kings!

The white, double infused collar of The Noir shirt represents contrast, and the whipped mother of pearl buttons and Swarovski crystal show attention to detail and refined nature.

The shirt material is lightweight and stretch-free, which means no wrinkles for you. Sourced from premium Noir Egyptian cotton, The Noir shirt is ultra-soft and smooth in its construction. The double button cuff to enhance the intuitive fit of the shirt.

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