Where Can I Buy High Quality Dress Shirts?

Dress shirts are, without a doubt, an essential addition to any man’s closet, but they often get less than enough attention, with most of us treating them as an afterthought. Even if most of us think that they can get their dressing just right without having to put in a lot of effort into getting the right dress shirt, the truth is quite different. 

With various brands and places to buy your dress shirts from, you will want to pay some attention to the decisions that you make, which is why this article should be useful to you. The information in this article will give you a better idea of the right brands to pick, and where to get them from. So, let’s dig in.

1. Apposta

This is an Italian custom brand that was founded quite recently, specifically in 2016. Before you say that the brand may not be the best since it’s only a few years old, keep in mind that it is the brainchild of two great individuals, Gianluca Mei, and Gianmarco Taccaliti. 

Gianluca is a specialist in digital marketing, while Gianmarco has been in the shirt manufacture industry for quite a while now, taking into consideration that his family created and has been running the Camiceria Taccaliti shirt brand since 1911. 

With the combined expertise of the two individuals, it’d be right to say that you are going to get nothing but the best. The duo has a user-friendly website that allows you to customize your shirts from over 4,000 fabrics. 

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Where to buy

The best place from which to buy this shirt at the moment is the Apposta website (https://www.apposta.com/sp/en/home.3sp?SSAID=1010333&sscid=11k5_dr6x8)

2. Eton Shirts

If you are in the market for the best luxury brand, then you will want to buy some Eton shirts. This is a traditional Swedish brand that has existed since the year 1928. As you may expect from a brand that is famed for offering an excellent luxury touch, the materials that are used to make the shirt are sourced with great care from two major locations: Egypt and California. 

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Where can you buy?

You can get your luxury piece from the Eton Shirts website (https://www.etonshirts.com/en?utm_source=aw&utm_medium=cpo&utm_campaign=US_Editorial%20Content&awc=16047_1610589194_90239b118e740fb983b13842e03961dd)

3. The Tier Bar

If you are one of the sartorially-minded, this should be your go-to brand. With everything from ties to socks as well as other accessories, their catalog of shirts is also wide. One of the most interesting things about the Tie Bar brand is the exciting range that makes it possible for the average buyer to be a little more adventurous when making their purchase. 

On top of that, purchasing items from this brand is considerably easy, thanks to the huge collection of accessories. As such, you can say that Tie Bar is a convenient brand to source your ensemble from, with shirts, socks, and ties, all in a single basket. 

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Where to buy

You can easily buy your collection from The Tie Bar website (https://www.thetiebar.com/?utm_source=CJ&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=7656949&cjevent=7aa680fc560c11eb8090002d0a180512)

4. Turnbull & Asser

As an English-made heritage brand, Turnbull & Asser shirts come in bespoke and made-to-measure styles to suit your body type. The brand gained a lot of popularity after being one of the first to earn the Prince of Wales’ Royal Warrant of Appointment in 1980. With the brand still being proudly made in England, it’s not a wonder that the shirts are sold at a premium. 

Where to buy

If you want to get the premium, royal feel, you can buy your shirts from Turnbull & Asser’s website (https://turnbullandasser.co.uk/?utm_source=AWIN&utm_medium=676545&utm_campaign=Bespoke+Unit&awc=16560_1610702397_425a43aaca8c583b4fda6410271d7c83)

5. Hawes & Curtis

This Heritage Brand from London should be your choice if you want the perfect balance between quality and value. This is quite an affordable brand, and there are even some sales where you can purchase 4 shirts for less than $200. The Hawes and Curtis brand has received four Royal Warrants, having been founded in 1913.

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Where can you buy?

Visit the Hawes & Curtis website (https://www.hawesandcurtis.com/?utm_source=Bespoke+Unit&utm_keyword=Rakuten&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=84gKhJ8XAxE&ranMID=41518&ranEAID=84gKhJ8XAxE&ranSiteID=84gKhJ8XAxE-7QKwmBWbATGQ_VfJlZv6WA) for unbeatable prices and jaw-dropping offers. 

6. Black Lapel

Known for making some of the best made-to-measure suits, the Black Lapel brand is also famed for producing premium-quality custom shirts for men of different body sizes. Their prices vary depending on your choice of style, and you have the choice to customize anything from the cuff styles to the style of the collar. 

So good is their customization game, that they even allow you to add a monogram to your shirt on whatever location is appropriate for you. The cotton that will be used to make your shirt also varies depending on the fabric of your choice.

In the simplest terms, when you order a shirt from Black Lapel, you get a shirt that is made exclusively for you. The only thing that limits how far you can go is your taste and preferences.

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Where to buy

Black Label’s website (https://blacklapel.com/) offers you the freedom to determine what you want to wear and how you will wear it. 

7. Twillory

This is one of the most versatile shirt brands, that focuses on manufacturing techniques that make the lives of their customers much easier. One such technique is the production of formaldehyde-free non-iron shirts that won’t get wrinkles as easily as other traditional shirts. 

There is also the moisture-wicking CoolMax variant that is made with comfort in mind. All their shirts are designed beautifully with details such as toughened plackets and metal collar stays for a neater finish. Their shirts fit in a nice, perfect manner without the need for excess material. 

Where to buy

Head to Twillory’s website (https://www.twillory.com/?utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=146722&clickid=3445986429&creative_details=8-10460&clickId=3445986429) for quality dress shirts at a great value. 

The Noir: A brand that speaks for itself

The different brands that have been discussed above are definitely worth trying since each one of them is perfect for different types of men. If you an everyday sophisticated man, however, we have something that will meet your needs in the most complete way possible – a brand that talks for you.

The Noir Shirt with Swarovski is a premium quality shirt for the charming, powerful, educated, and refined man. It’s a shirt that is made for the confident, self-made, enterprising man, who is a king. 

Features of the shirt

The Noir Shirt is made from 100% Premium Noir Egyptian Cotton for an end-product that is lightweight, ultra-soft, and smooth, and most of all, unique. The material that we use to make this shirt is wrinkle-resistant, hence gives you added peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to spend hours ironing your shirts. 

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With a white, double-infused collar that represents contrast and whipped mother of pearl buttons in combination with Swarovski crystal to represent detail and refined nature, this is definitely a shirt that every man would be proud to have. We even enhance the intuitive fit of the shirt with a double button cuff, to give you added comfort and practicability.